Seemandhra leaders lose hope on Samaikyandhra

Photo: Erasu Pratap Reddy and TG Venkatesh talking to media in New Delhi

By poll results have finally called the bluff of Seemandhra leaders. All these days both TDP and Congress leaders from Seemandhra were able to scare their high commands that any decision in favor of Telangana would lead to a total rout in Seemandhra.

But with both Congress and TDP parties suffering humiliating defeats in the recently concluded bypolls, it is now clear that the people in Seemandhra are indifferent to state division.

With the latest turn of events, Seemandhra leadership is slowly reconciling to the fact that Telangana formation is inevitable.

The latest statement by TG Venkatesh and Erasu Pratapa Reddy proves that the Seemandhra leaders have already got hints about Telangana formation.

Speaking to news media in New Delhi, TGV and Erasu said “There are signs that Telangana state would be granted soon. Our only request to the Centre is not to make hasty announcements as was done in December, 2010. Instead, we are asking for advance information before the bifurcation,” they said.

They said that with TRS winning in the Parkala seat in Telangana and the YSR Congress winning in the Seemandhra region, it seems most likely that the UPA government would soon divide the state.

TG Venkatesh was known to be a staunch anti-Telangana leader. His latest statements expressing the inevitability of Telangana show how weak the united AP leadership is at this juncture. From opposing the Telangana demand tooth and nail, leaders like TGV have now started talking about protection of Rayalaseema’s interests during the state division.

This augurs well for the Telangana statehood movement. The Telangana Political Joint Action Committee should intensify the agitation now and ensure the UPA government declares the state at the earliest

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