Seemandhra leaders gang-up against Telangana!


The masks are off. Chandra Babu Naidu and Kiran Kumar Reddy might represent two warring castes and parties in Andhra Pradesh. But, when it comes to conspiring against Telangana, they put aside all differences and sing in unison.

Any opposition party would love to bring a ‘No Confidence Motion’ against a ruling party, and expose its misrule. But the TDP in the state is behaving in a peculiar fashion by deciding to stand by the Congress government during the ‘No Confidence Motion’ moved by TRS in state assembly today.

The unprecedented action of issuing a whip to his own party members – barring them from voting against the ‘No Confidence Motion’ moved against the Congress government, proves yet again how much Chandra Babu fears Telangana state formation.

The fact that Chandra Babu Naidu is even ready to commit political suicide to stop Telangana formation speaks volumes about his political bankruptcy.

Such desperate actions might postpone the inevitable, but the people of Telangana are keenly observing how Seemandhra leaders are ganging up against Telangana at every crucial moment.

In the upcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha elections, Telangana voters will teach a lesson to Italy Congress, Chanchalguda Congress (YSRCP) and Andhra Congress (TDP).

(Cartoon Courtesy: Shankar)

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