Scrapping of Dharani will lead to destruction of farming sector: CM KCR

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has expressed concern if the Dharani services are scrapped, it will lead to distress among the farmers once again. He was addressing a series of public meetings as part of his ongoing election campaign across the state on Friday. He said the Congress leaders are open saying that they would scrap Dharani if they come to power. Then how would the farmers get Rythu Bandhu money? Again they have to go back in time where they have to corrupt the officials to get even small favours.

“If Dharani is scrapped, the old patwari system will be back and the VRA system will be back. The farmers’ land records will be manipulated by the corrupt employees,” Mr KCR told the large gatherings. The BRS government laboured for ten years to bring on track the distressed farming sector. Increased irrigation water, free 24 hour free power, Rythu Bandhu assistance and timely supply of fertilisers were among the initiatives taken up by the state government.

All those steps resulted in increased paddy production and other farm produce. The farmers are heaving a sigh of relief only now. If the Congress is voted to power, they would disturb the whole system throwing the farmers in dark days once again, Mr KCR warned.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao