Revanth Reddy is a pathological liar and cheating people in a phased manner: KTR

KTR accused Telangana CM Revanth Reddy of cheating people in phases, alleging that after deceiving people in the Assembly elections with fake promises, he is now moving on to phase two for the parliament elections. As part of his plan, Revanth is promising a loan waiver for farmers by August 15th. 

KTR noted that the Chief Minister is resorting to making vows to gods to deceive people once again, indicating a lack of credibility. KTR dismissed Revanth Reddy’s challenge on loan waivers, reminding the media of his history of not keeping his word. He cited instances where Revanth promised to quit politics if he lost in Kodangal and during the GHMC election but failed to fulfill his promises.

KTR challenged Revanth Reddy to respond to the challenge posed by BRS party senior leader Harish Rao regarding fulfilling promises by August 15th. He questioned whether Revanth would accomplish in 250 days what he promised to do in 100 days. KTR asserted that Revanth Reddy would not fulfill his promise of loan waivers under any circumstances, questioning the honesty of his words. KTR reminded everyone of his promises to the people of the state, but all turned out to be lies. KTR highlighted Revanth’s habit of lying.

KTR mentioned that CM Revanth Reddy is likely to lose his own district Lok Sabha seats in the elections. The CM, fearing the possibility of Congress candidates winning, avoided his responsibilities by stepping away from his election incharge post. KTR also criticized the leaders of the Congress party, labeling them as petty and arrogant. He emphasized that people have realized they were deceived by Congress’s poll promises and cautioned those who were cheated by Congress to be vigilant and avoid falling into the same trap again by voting for them.

KTR expressed doubts about whether Revanth Reddy is working for Modi or Rahul Gandhi, given his contradictory stands on various issues, from Adani to supporting PM Modi. KTR reiterated his belief that Revanth Reddy will likely join BJP after the Lok Sabha elections, as evidenced by his lack of response to the allegations.

KTR said that as per information he has, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will win the elections in AP and stated his preference for regional parties to win in Andhra Pradesh and other states. KTR expressed hope of winning 10-12 seats in the Lok Sabha polls, citing people’s realization of Congress’s deceitful nature and BJP’s failure to fulfill major promises since 2014. KTR urged voters to defeat the “Bade Bhai-Chote Bhai” duo in the election to teach them a lesson.

KTR acknowledged that some leaders may have left the party for selfish reasons but believed it would be impossible for all ranks to follow suit. On the foundation day of the BRS party, KTR hoisted the party flag and expressed gratitude to the lakhs of party cadre and Telangana people for their support over the past 24 years. He pledged to rededicate themselves to the people of Telangana and continue to be their voice.