Real estate boom in Hyderabad will continue for more than a decade – KTR.


Participating as chief guest at the CREDAI meeting, the Telangana IT and municipal administration minister Mr KTR said the real estate and construction sectors will continue to flourish in Hyderabad beyond doubt.

As some companies formed into syndicate, prices of steel and cement increased. However, the state government will take steps, the minister said.

When labour from other states are coming to Hyderabad, our labour is going to Dubai  Mr KTR lamented.

The minister wanted the CREDAI to organize skill training for local youth and employ them. The state government would extend all help for the purpose.

Minister Mr KTR said the state government is coming out with a master plan for Hyderabad city within 18 months and later to all  Municipalities in the state.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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