Racha Ramulamma’s ride to fame

Photo: Ramya Krishna aka Racha Ramulamma is an instant hit with TV audiences with her lovely Telangana dialect


Ramya Krishna, a physiotherapy student, hardly dreamt of a career in television. Much to her surprise, she was picked up by Channel V6, and her news bulletins, ‘Teenmaar’, are now as popular as her week-end shows, which are the latest rage

She kick-started her career three months ago, changed gears fast and rode to fame on Telugu television quickly. Her shows on the small screen are the latest rage, and basking in the limelight, the 19-year-old anchor is learning to adjust to the name ‘Racha Ramulamma’ and the fame that it brought to her.

Ramya Krishna, a third-year physiotherapy student, hardly dreamt of a career in television. Prompted by friends she went to Channel V6, which was looking for an anchor to host a show, and was promptly picked up.

The channel came up with the character, Racha Ramulamma, and there was no looking back for this girl from Seetaphalmandi in the city. Her news bulletins, ‘Teenmaar’, are as popular as her week-end interviews, which have already featured some big names from the silver screen. Oozing nativity and lacing it with innocent prattle in Telangana slang and a get-up that is out-and-out traditional, she hit the popularity ratings.

“As a child, sometimes I used to take a broken rubber ball, fix it to a stick and using it as a mike would prattle on. But never did I imagine that one day I will actually anchor the professional way,” she says.

Orientation from seniors and mentoring by a colleague helped her shape a distinct style, which suits both news presentation and interviews. A folk dancer herself, Ramya likes interviewing folk artistes more and also finds quizzing film stars comfortable. “Politicians are a bit tricky,” she adds.

Balladeer Gaddar was at the Channel V6 studios, and while leaving, enquired about Ramya. He went up, met her and heaped praises on her. “There can be no better compliment for me now. I could never have imagined that someone like Gaddar also is following my show,” says Ramya.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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