Public patronage of BRS did not convert into votes

About 67 per cent of the people of Telangana are in favour of the BRS party but that did not convert into votes for the party. SC, STs and BCs are in favour of the BRS party. Those above 36 years of age favoured KCR.

The BJP’s slogan of BC CM and categorisation of SCs did not go well with the people. Though the majority of people in the state are in favour of the BRS party and KCR, they did not convert into votes due to various reasons. The BJP and Congress allegations and false propaganda on BRS and KCR divided the vote that led to BRS defeat.

BJP top leaders like PM Modi and extensive social media propaganda of the Congress party misled the voters, particularly in rural areas.

In fact, people were happy with the welfare schemes such as Rythu Bandhu, Pensions and increased access to medical care. They have no reason to reject the ruling BRS party. But the Congress played the spoilsport diverting the common man with impractical promises.

Of the total population, 67 per cent of people are happy and satisfied with the KCR rule.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao