Palamuru – Ranga Reddy project test run conducted successfully

The officials successfully released waters from zero point at Narlapur to surgepool as part of the Palamuru – Ranga Reddy lift irrigation project on Tuesday. Earlier, they released Krishna waters into the tunnel and then to the surge pool. From the Srisailam backwaters zero point, they lifted water to four meters and released water at the head regulator.

On September 16, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao will commission the project and oversee the wet run switching on the mega motors of the project. Chief Engineer Hamid Khan said they have been conducting numerous tests ahead of CM KCR’s visit. They were elated as the waters from the approach canal entered tunnels and surge pool. They were happy with the success of the dry run of the project.

Hamid Khan said there were no hitches in the release of water from the Srisailam backwater zero point to head regulator and then to the surge pool via approach canals. At the surge pool at the height of 74 meters, the officials are planning to store water up to 30 meters and are checking if there were any leakages along the route. They installed high-resolution cameras at the surge pool and monitored the situation in the control room. They found no leakages as of now.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao