Our aim is to unseat fascist BJP: BRS MLC K Kavitha

The BRS MLC K Kavitha who is planning to sit in a day-long protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi demanding passage of women’s reservation bill has said they want to liberate the country from the clutches of BJP.

The BJP which is trying to divert the attention of people and adopting pressure tactics to tame the leaders of the opposition parties should go now. She said she would be attending the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) investigation on March 11 as it summoned her.

She said they will work towards unseating the BJP which has become a burden on the people of the country. She said the ED should conduct video conferencing while interoggating women rather than summoning them physically.

The double engine being talked about by the BJP leaders is indeed nothing but Modi and Adani. Ms. Kavitha said a total of 18 political parties extended support to her protest at Jantar Mantar and senior CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yechuri will be inaugurating the day-long protest.

The BJP talks about Dharma which should realise that Dharma ultimately wins. Just because Sri Krishna was jailed, he did not suffer any loss but won in the end. Similarly, Lord Sri Rama was emboldened when he returned from his exile in the forest. The problem arises only when people think they are powerful like Mr. Modi and his clique.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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