Opposition depending on survey agencies, social media; ruling BRS on people

Unable to take on the ruling BRS party and match its lightening speed in election campaign, the Opposition BJP and Congress parties are depending on social media. They are engaging all sundry survey agencies getting favourable reports and making them public through social media and whatsapp groups.

The Congress leaders are resorting to personal attacks on ruling party leaders, mudslinging them and also character assassination. They are also trying to make people believe that the welfare scheme and utilities like Dharani are not good for them. They promise to bring in more effective schemes and programmes. They promise to undo all that is done by the BRS party.

The BJP is no different either. Their way is to divide people, instigate them on every count and play with the emotions of the people. They make a cult figure out of efficient PM Modi who failed to keep up his poll promises such as jobs, prosperity to farmers, his failure to check the spiralling prices of essential commodities. The BJP leaders are looked down upon by the voters in Telangana and are unable to stomach the blatant lies of Modi and his clique.

Unlike both parties, the ruling BRS leaders are omnipresent. They are there everywhere and simultaneously. One could see seniors like Mr Harish Rao addressing a meeting at one corner of the state while Mr KTR is in another corner. The CM KCR going round the state addressing multiple public meetings every day. In addition, the candidates who had been selected long ago started moving around colonies, villages and mandals in their respective Assembly constituencies.

It is the mass contact with the people that helps earn their faith not the Goebbels propaganda on social media or cell phone applications. It is the real promises that earn the votes and not rebuking the ruling party leaders.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao