One Nation, One Election in May/June 2029?

In a significant development, the Judicial Commission led by retired judge Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi is poised to make several crucial recommendations regarding simultaneous elections across the nation. Reports suggest that the commission will propose the inclusion of a new chapter in the constitution to facilitate the conduct of ‘One Nation, One Election. Reliable sources indicate that the first simultaneous elections in the country are slated for May-June 2029.

Over the next five years, a comprehensive, phase-wise process will be undertaken to adjust the tenure of all the state Assemblies across India. The Law Commission has advised the Central Government to pursue a constitutional amendment to introduce a new chapter on ‘One Nation, One Election’. The proposed new chapter will have provisions to supersede existing rules and modify the terms of various assemblies.

As part of the adjustment process, the focus in the initial phase will be on shortening the tenures of assemblies by 3-6 months where necessary. In cases where a government falls prematurely, a coalition government comprising representatives from different political parties will be formed. If this arrangement proves unviable, a new election will be conducted for the remaining term of that assembly.

It is noteworthy that a high-level committee, chaired by former President Ramnath Kovind, is also preparing a special report on simultaneous elections, further underscoring the momentum towards this significant electoral reform.