Odisha former CM Giridhar Gamang quits BJP; likely to join BRS

The former chief minister of Odisha and senior parliamentarian Giridhar Gamang has resigned from the primary membership of the BJP. Gamang conveyed his decision to the party’s president JP Nadda.

In a letter addressed to Nadda, Gamang said that he voluntarily joined the BJP in 2015 out of his own will but could not discharge his duties to the people of Odisha. “I realised that I am unable to discharge my political, social and moral duty to my people in Odisha during last several years,” wrote Gamang. 

It has to be recalled that the former CM along with his son met Telangana CM KCR at Pragathi Bhavan very recently. In all likelihood, Giridhar Gamang and some other leaders are set to join the BRS party soon. 

As the BRS is planning to expand its presence across the nation, Gamang quitting BJP is seen as a welcome sign for the party. 

Giridhar Gamang served as the chief minister of Odisha for a brief stint of 10 months in the year 1999. He also served as a member of the parliament for eight terms between 1977 to 2009.

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