Not a single rupee is given to Telangana state under flood relief, Union minister Mr Nityanand Rai.


The Union Cultural minister Mr G Kishan Reddy lied to the Telangana people that the Centre has released crore of rupees under NDRF. He convened a press meeting in New Delhi and came up with a bundle of lies. Telangana state suffered on account of floods during the past eight years. But only those who are friendly with BJP or BJP-ruled states got enough funds as flood relief under NDRF.

When the TRS leaders and the general public questioned the BJP for its discrimination against Telangana, Mr Kishan Reddy tried to lie giving some false figures. But in a written reply to MP from Assam Pradyut Bordoloi, the Union Minister for Home, Mr Nityanand Rai said not a single rupee was given to Telangana state.

The chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao personally met Prime Minister Modi and also several letters seeking flood relief funds but in vain.  Mr Kishan Reddy tried to cover up as the party was getting an image among the public but he was thoroughly exposed.


Flood damage was estimated at Rs 1,400 crore:  Meanwhile, the Telangana government has submitted a report to the Central government that the state suffered damage to an extent of Rs 1,400 due to recent floods. In Its detailed report, it said the Roads & Building department suffered a loss of Rs 498 crore; Panchayat Raj department Rs 449 crore; Irrigation department Rs 33 crore and Electricity department rupees seven crore and about Rs 25 crore for relief and rehabilitation work.

This was the preliminary report submitted by those respective departments, the state government said.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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