Dalit Bandhu should be utilized to set up small enterprises, IT minister KTR

Most of the Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries are buying tractors but instead they should set up small enterprises so that some others get employment, observed IT & Industries minister Mr K T Rama Rao.

Inaugurating the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DICCI) at Hyderabad, he said about 30 beneficiaries of Dalit Bandhu in Jammikunta decided to pool up their amount received from the state government to set up fabrication and soda-making unit. They have asked for some land and the chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao has agreed to allot the land.

So far the state government has encouraged 21,500 units giving them an incentive of Rs 1,005 crore for SCs and 25,560 units giving them a cash incentive of Rs 1,133 crore.

Mr Rama Rao said most of the schemes being implemented by the ruling TRS government are very old as Mr KCR when he was elected as MLA of Siddipet way back in 1985 appointed one Danaiah as market committee chairman, planting 10,000 saplings and came up with Dalita Chaitanya Jyothi in 1988-8 and `Manchineella Panduga’ in 1995-96 which is aking to Mission Bhagiratha now.

The minister said so far 20,000 permissions were given to set up industries under TS-iPASS and 2.35 was invested that provided employment to 16 lakh youth. Without any hassle, one could apply and secure permission under the new policy transparently.

He lauded the efforts of DICCI in facilitating the aspiring Dalit entrepreneurs and acting as liaison between them and the state government. He promised to help the organisation in its efforts.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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