No talks on merger and pay revision; Congress govt left RTC employees in lurch 

The stoic silence of the Congress government over the pending issues of the RTC has left the corporation’s employees in a lurch. Two major issues pertaining to the TSRTC, such as the merger into the government and two pending pay revisions, didn’t find any mention in the recently introduced Telangana budget.

Although the previous BRS government decided to merge the TSRTC into the government, the process was put on hold due to the election code. Seventy-five days since the Congress government came into power, it has yet to discuss the merger and the pay revision.

The RTC employees had high hopes for the new government, as many RTC unions extended their support to the Congress party during the elections. These same employees are now agonized as their issues are not being prioritized.

Furthermore, despite several challenges, RTC employees are toiling hard to implement the Mahalakshmi scheme (free bus travel for women), the first scheme launched by the new government. Notwithstanding their complete cooperation with the government, RTC employees are now concerned about their future. And irked by the indifference, union leaders are warning the Congress government to resolve their issues at the earliest.