Kaleshwaram water from Kondapochamma Sagar fills numerous tanks in Bhongir district 

The vision of the previous BRS government to provide irrigation water in the Yasangi season is becoming a reality with the Kaleshwaram Project. The foresight of former CM KCR has materialized in the rejuvenation of tanks in Yadadri-Bhongir district through the release of water from Kondapochamma Sagar at Markook in Siddipet district.

On January 30th, a significant milestone was achieved as 1.50 cusecs of water were released into Turkapalli and M. Turkapalli canal, benefitting multiple tanks and irrigating vast stretches of land. Twelve tanks in Turkapalli and Bommalaramaram mandals have been filled through the Turkapalli main canal, providing irrigation to 1,496.24 acres of Ayakattu. Similarly, 19 tanks in the same region have received abundant irrigation water through the M. Turkapalli main canal, facilitating the cultivation of crops.

The release of water from Konda Pochamma Sagar has led to noteworthy improvements in various tanks across the region. For instance, Pochamma Cheruvu in Gopalpur of Turkapalli (M) mandal is now 45 percent full, Dhapal Cheruvu in Chinnalakshmapur at 35 percent, Jaggaiya Cheruvu in Madhapur at 30 percent, Kottha Cheruvu at 50 percent, and Pottonikunta Cheruvu in Gopalpur at 100 percent capacity.

In Bommalaramaram mandal, Ramasamithanda Chautakunta is now 30 percent full, Nallacheru at 10 percent, Errakunta at 20 percent, Gudencheru in Timmapur at 25 percent, Thimmappa Cheruvu at 50 percent, Mallanna Cheruvu in Pyararam at 20 percent, Uru Cheruvu in Solipeta at 20 percent. The positive impact is widespread, with numerous tanks in Turkapalli and Bommalaramaram mandals witnessing significant increases in water levels.

Former local BRS MLA Gongidi Sunitha Mahender Reddy played a pivotal role in releasing Kondapochamma Sagar water to Turkapalli main canal in 2020, with the goal of providing much-needed irrigation water to the district. This initiative was further extended in 2023, with water also being released to the M. Turkapalli canal. Since then, the waters of Kaleshwaram have continued to benefit the two mandals of the district, especially during times of erratic rainfall and decreasing groundwater levels.

The current situation underscores the significance of these water releases, particularly as the groundwater level has significantly dropped due to the prevailing drought conditions in the district.