New multimedia show set to captivate visitors at Golconda fort from today

An exciting transformation is underway at Golconda Fort. The fort is set to captivate visitors with a stunning display of new colors and a state-of-the-art light show starting this Wednesday. It currently has stagnant lighting and pre-recorded soundtracks since 1993.

The innovative 3D mapping projection show incorporates the latest advancements such as high-resolution projectors, laser lights, and moving heads, promising a mesmerizing and immersive encounter for spectators.

In a move to restore the fort’s grandeur, the Indian Oil Foundation has lent its support to this multimedia extravaganza. These initiatives are part of the Union Ministry of Culture’s efforts to enhance facilities and the overall tourist experience at the fort.

Golkonda Fort, a magnet for tourists in Hyderabad, sees a substantial daily footfall of 2,000-3,000 visitors on weekdays and approximately 6,000 on weekends. The fort’s facade serves as the canvas for narrating the rich and illustrious 800-year history of Golconda. The upcoming 30 minutes, 20 seconds show, to be presented in Telugu, Hindi, and English, promises to offer a fresh and captivating perspective on the fort’s legacy.