Munugode BJP candidate disowned by fellow party men

The BJP candidate K Rajagopal Reddy is reportedly left to fend for himself with the state and central leaders staying away from the by-election in Munugode. State president Mr Bandi Sanjay who came for the Amit Shah meeting never turned up again. The surveys by the party indicate a defeat to the party.

Mr Rajagopal Reddy expected that Congress cadre would join him in BJP but not even 20 percent came with him. There is no support for him either from the cadre or from his party leaders. Union minister G Kishan Reddy was also not seen in the campaign. The followers of Mr Rajagopal Reddy say he was depressed with the attitude of party leadership and its non cooperation.

The BJP incharge G Manohar Reddy who got 12,000 votes in the last election feel deserted by the party leadership and is reportedly staying away from the campaign. He was loyal to the party and lost three consecutive elections and yet stayed in the party.

Former MP Mr Vivek who demanded for steering committee Chairman post merely held a meeting. The old BJP leaders are angry with him and his style of functioning. They are also equally unhappy with the style of K Rajagopal Reddy as well and hence staying away. One of the strong leaders of congress party Mr K Venkat Reddy is also staying away from the Congress campaign.

They all indicate imminent victory of TRS party in the by-election in Munugode.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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