Moral and Political Bankruptcy of Congress Party

By: J R Janumpalli

The Congress Party continues its regressive journey without respite, despite many setbacks to it. Perhaps it is banking on the weakness of BJP and NDA more than its good working to win elections in 2014. It may also be thinking on the lines that it would be better to buy the support of some parties depending on the exigency, instead of indulging in the good governance the hard way. It appears UPA and its advisors are finding it easy to buy support like this, as long as they are in power. For, governance in the old fashioned way has become too uncertain for them. It can also antagonize many sources of political pelf which is the staple for fighting the elections. Looks like in case of A.P. also, the congress party is thinking on the same lines.

Initially, the black-mail of Andhra congress as to the more no. of MP seats worked well on adhishtanam.But the emergence of Jagan factor; results of by-elections in both the regions; the boomerang of operation Jagan on the party involving many ministers in the A.P. cabinet, seems to have made them come to a conclusion to do with less no.of MP seats from A.P. in 2014 and look for them elsewhere. They want to keep the Jagan issue on the loose end to take advantage of it later depending on the exigency. They also do not want to upset the apple cart with andhra-money-mafia, as they were helping fill the congress coffers since a long time. In the bargain they want to drag Telangana issue up to 2014 with a parliamentary session by session basis. Meanwhile they might indulge in some old ‘stale vine in the new bottle’ kind of political gimmicks, like making a Telangana leader the CM or some such thing to keep the T- Congress flock with them till 2014.

Thus, Congress highcommand is denying the inevitable statehood to Telangana people, just for its power politics, not for any significant reasons. But, as usual the congress strategy may not work this time also except prolonging the angst of Telangana people and making the whole state even worse than the present. At the height of Telangana Udyamam the adhishtanam chose to give both CM and PCC president posts to Seemandhras. Then indulged in intimidating Telangana congress elements and keeping them in shackles, while Seemandhra Congress was allowed to ramble and hold it to ransom. Now trying to give importance to Telangana congress after all this, will be working just opposite to their intentions. The self-centered and arrogant andhra congress elements will not allow Telangana leaders to work, as it has happened in the past. It can be more vicious now than the earlier.

In the state, because of Telangana Movement, the administration has gone to seed. Several crises are cropping up regularly. There is a clear dichotomy in ‘all andhra’ administration. It is enforcing all kinds of dictatorial measures to intimidate Telangana people, by abrogating their fundamental rights. The bind overs, preventive custodies, foisting of false criminal cases have become common place in Telangana, while such things are un thinkable in Andhra area. The position of farmers is very pathetic. They are made to always fight for seed, fertilizers, power and water.The situation in hospitals in Telangana is deplorable. Even deaths of infants are treated differently. The students, employees for that matter people from every walk of life are discriminated. They had to go to Courts for drinking water, for medical college seats etc., the behavior of the government appears to be, punishing the people for Telangana Movement.The regrettable aspect of this is that, it has the tacit approval of adhishtanam.

In addition, the state is neck deep in the sea of corruption encouraged by UPA II. The quid pro quo is only the tip of the iceberg. As the days go by many more skeletons will be stumbling out from the cupboards of the Andhra government. The most damning part of it all is the deliberate stoppage of projects in Telangana, while indulging in Andhra area. In addition to Irrigation projects languishing for decades, the power Projects like Nedunuru, Shankarpalli, Ramagundam etc., are some examples. If a fraction of the amount expended on the infructuous ‘Jalayagnam’ was spent on these power plants, today the state would not have been in this precarious situation. Not to give the benefit of these projects to Telangana is the diabolic reason for this, nothing else.

As for the morals or ethics of the governance are concerned, both central and state governments have reached their nadir. The central cabinet has become a handmaiden of UPA chair person. Several scams have taken place with the acquiescence of adhishtanam, for obvious reasons. PM has become a mere by-stander. When came in to the open, they are feigning innocence; coalition dharma constraint; pointing out similar practices in NDA etc., The scams one bigger than the other are tumbling out of the cupboards of UPA government, regularly. The latest, the Coalgate is un folding in the parliament. Yet the UPA government is unfazed. They think that like always they will indulge in the filibuster to wade through the parliamentary sessions. Surviving till 2014 or till the next elections is their goal.

In the state the effort of central government to prosecute Jagan for ‘quid pro quo’ has become counterproductive. The cause for the quid pro quo was the decisions of Y S R and his lieutenants in the cabinet. Much of it is outside the ambit of the cabinet. In this, the YSR ghost is haunting the congress party, the culprit ministers and IAS officers. The CM and congress party in the state are trying to wriggle out of the tight corner, with their ridiculous attempt to cover up the whole mayhem in the immunity of cabinet decisions.

What will happen next is in the realm of conjecture. But definitely these debilitating political developments will not be good for the country. Ultimately people will teach them lessons. But, it takes time. Meanwhile they can cause a great deal of damage to the democratic fabric of the is unfortunate that The UPA is using all such un ethical practices on Telangana people. But in the end Telangana is certain to win. It is only a matter of time.

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