Modi’s model is pooh-poohed.


As the Gujarat government announced the power holiday for the industries unable to cope up the pressure, all claims made by Mr Modi came in for sharp criticism.

Scores of TRS leaders described the so-called double engine growth and great Gujarath model as hollow. The farmers who were getting just three hours of power are coming onto the streets with dissent against the Gujarat government.

The Telangana IT minister Mr K T Rama Rao in his twitter message sought to know “It is double engine or trouble engineer in Gujarat that led to the present state of affairs,” He also shared the power holiday announcement copy issued by the Gujarat Vikas Nigam Limited in his message.

The TRS leaders also sought to know if the situation is that bad in Gujarat from where Prime Minister Mr Modi hailed, one could think of the state of affairs in other BJP ruled states.

Telangana can claim its achievement in this regard loudly and clearly as it fixed the power problem within six months. Besides restoring power to industries, it also began giving free quality power to agriculture round the clock.

The total demand for power in united Andhra Pradesh was 13,163 MW but now in Telangana state it is 13,688 MW and the demand broke record two times this week as demand reached an unexpected level of peak. On Tuesday it was 14,160 MW.

The ruling state government said there would be no issue as the power sector was thoroughly strengthened to meet the demand upto 17,500 MW.

The Gujarat power holiday and free uninterrupted power supply free round the clock by Telangana power government speaks volumes about word and deed.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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