Modi proved himself to be anti-people once again: KTR

PM Mr Modi did not bother to help lakhs of women but once again extended packages to corporate companies.
Mr Modi announced an assistance of Rs 22,000 crore to oil companies but did not reduce the cooking gas cylinder prices for the poor and middle class households, minister KTR said.

The minister added, the aim of Mr Modi seems to be looting the country to help his corporate friends. Three fold increase of gas cylinder crossed Rs 1100 and the union finance minister Ms Nirmala Sitaraman mocked the Indian women asking them that three cylinders is not enough for the year. The women were burdened to the tune of Rs 42,000 crore by removing subsidy on cooking gas cylinders.

In 2014 the central government used to give a subsidy of Rs 827 but it was withdrawn totally. The BJP proved itself to be a party burdening the people, the minister pointed out. Though the people were affected by COVID19 and lost their incomes, the central government did not stop rising prices. The people were put to untold misery with the decisions of the BJP government.

Mr KTR said the end of Modi’s inefficient rule should begin from the homes of poor and middle classes. The women should vote against the BJP in the next elections.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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