Minister Mr KTR objects to the selling of CCI by the central government.


The central government has decided to sell the Cement Corporation of India (CCI) at Adilabad under scrap and issued tenders for the same.
The state government vociferously objected to the sale of the unit and demanded the revival of the same. The ruling TRS government has agreed to fund to some extent even. Despite all chances for revival, the BJP government did not pay any heed.

The CCI unit will provide jobs to 2,500 people directly and 2,500 indirectly. It has 772 acres of land, 170 acres of the township and 48 million tonnes of limestone reserves. It has all facilities such as power, and water and is located on national highway number 44.
The TRS government and workers unions have repeatedly asked the central government to rethink its decision to close the plant and sell it. However, it has issued e-notice on 5th and will receive tenders till 23. The process of selling the unit will be complete in 120 days.
Ironically the Adilabad people voted for BJP MP Soyam Babu Rao and state president and MP Mr Bandi Sanjay too failed to impress upon the prime Minister Mr Modi.
Adilabad MLA Jogu Ramanna described the decision as a big betrayal by the BJP. He said when he met the union minister of Industries Mr Ananth Gite, he positively responded to considering reopening of the unit. Now suddenly they decided to sell it as scrap for such valuable machinery and land. It is nothing but betrayal, he lamented.
The IT minister Mr KTR in the past had told the centre that the Telangana government will fully cooperate if a decision to reopen the CCI is taken. He had written letters and also met the union minister Mr Piyush Goyal on this issue, But in vain.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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