Minister Mr KTR lashes out at the BJP government.


The bogus and empty slogans of the BJP government did not help any section in the country, the Telangana IT minister Mr K T Rama Rao observed.

Addressing the members in the Assembly, the minister pointed out that the BJP restricted itself to empty slogans such as Atamnirbhar, Make In India, Startup India, and so on but there were no policies to implement the same. They were all aimed at attracting the people and duping them.

The much-publicized Atmanirbhar fund of Rs 20 lakh package was never implemented. During the Covid times, many industries were closed down and lakhs of people lost their livelihood. But there was no help from the BJP government. “They are bogus slogans but nothing else,” Mr Rama Rao lashed out.

In contrast, Telangana is the 11th biggest country in terms of geography and 12th biggest country in terms of the population became the fourth biggest growth engine in the Indian economy.

“These are not our claims but they are released by the Reserve Bank of India,” he pointed out.

Mr Rama Rao further pointed out that the per capita income of Telangana has witnessed a 130 percent with Rs 1.78 lakh. The GSDP is Rs 11.54 lakh.

He sought to know if there was any state with such a spectacular growth as Telangana in the country. However, some people are unhappy still and daily belting out uncharitable criticism over the Telangana government. If such an attitude among the Opposition continues, they would bite the dust and achieve nothing.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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