Minister Mr KTR inaugurates BioAsia conference -2022.


“I am proud to say that Hyderabad plays a key role in the field of life sciences all over the world,” said KTR, Minister of State for IT and Municipal Administration.  KTR noted that the BioAsia Consortium plays an active role in the development of the life sciences sector.  Minister KTR on Thursday morning kicked off the 19th edition of the Bio Asia Summit, which will be held for two days, to discuss the challenges facing Covid in the field of life sciences and health.  Speaking on the occasion, Minister KTR observed that Genome Valley is the backbone for the development of the life sciences sector in the state.  He said he was looking forward to a  discussion with Bill Gates.  It has attracted over Rs 6,400 crore in investments from about 215 companies in the life sciences sector.  He said 34,000 people were employed during the year with new companies in addition to existing ones.  The life sciences sector has grown by 200 percent this year as compared to last year.  He said the growth was a testament to how Hyderabad was influencing the biological sector. Mr. KTR said it was becoming clear how the state government was proactive.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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