Minister Mr KTR inaugurated Khaithalapur flyover in Hyderabad.





The municipal administration minister Mr KTR inaugurated the flyover at Kaithalapur in the Kukatpally constituency.
He said the state government has decided to construct 47 flyovers, underpasses, Road Over Bridges and Road under Bridges all put together. This is the 35th flyover while the rest are under construction.
The development of any city today is measured by how good it is at its infrastructure. The TRS government has also taken up massive upgradation of nalas after roads.
This flyover between Kukatpally and HI Tec city will ease traffic congestion greatly and will also distance by nearly four kilometres.
Minister Mr KTR said while the TRS government is focusing on development and welfare of the people, some parties are talking about caste and religion. They want to divide people for political mileage.
The minister sought to know why the BJP leaders Mr Modi and others are coming to Hyderabad frequently. They should first tell people what they did to Telangana. Did they sanction any project or give any due share in development to the state.
Mr KTR said the BJP is conspiring against the TRS out of jealousy and to capture power in Telangana. The welfare programmes of Telangana are not there even in Gujarat, the home state of Mr Modi.
Mr KTR once again warned people to be alert against divisive forces. He wanted them to strengthen the hands of Chief Minister Mr KCR who has been striving for the development and welfare of Telangana and its people.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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