Minister Mr KTR faults BJP for bringing insult to the country.

Following the comments on Islam and Prophet by two BJP leaders, there was an outrage from the Arab world and many Islamic countries.
Many Arab countries summoned Indian envoys and registered their protest over the remarks of BJP leaders who were suspended by the party soon after. However, the Arab world is demanding an apology from India.
Mr KTR said why should the country apologize for the wrongdoing of the BJP and its bigots.
He said BJP leaders are shamelessly instigating people against each other on some pretext. They should be ashamed of their ways of politics.
The country never witnessed such discontent from so many countries. India had always been with an olive branch and helped many countries including war-torn neighboring countries like Afghanistan irrespective of their religion or social fabric.
The BJP has proved itself a shame and disaster to the country now just for power. Now it is trying to gain power in the whole of South India from Karnataka to Odisha with its wicked designs, Mr KTR pointed out.
He warned people to be aware of the BJP leaders.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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