Minister Mr Harish Rao faults union minister Mr Piyush Goyal


Telangana state Minister T Harish Rao demanded an apology from the Union Minister Mr Piyush Goyal accusing him of insulting the TRS ministers and MPs who went to represent the issue of paddy procurement.  The Minister reportedly got irritated and sought to know why they were coming to Delhi again and again when the issue was already cleared.
Unrelenting TRS ministers demanded a written assurance on paddy procurement. The union minister said he would make it more clear only after two days.
How the ministers did not relent decided to stay put in Delhi until they get appointment of prime Minister Mr Modi.
Earlier the chief minister Mr kcr also expressed his unhappiness with the way central ministers are treating state delegations. Several ministers are sore with Mr Piyush Goyal and his attitude.

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