Largest pharma city coming in Hyderabad:

Plans are being chalked out to inaugurate prestigious largest pharma city in Hyderabad by next month
The  TSIIC officials are arranging to open the pharmacy next month as per government directives.  It is a known fact that Rangareddy District is setting up the largest Greenfield Pharmacy in the world covering thousands of acres in Mucherla.  A world-class ecosystem is being developed here for pharmaceutical and research organisations.  As part of the first phase, 9,212 acres of land has already been acquired and construction of roads, power lines, drainage and other infrastructure works have been completed on 6,719 acres.  The Center has already designated the pharmacy as a National Industrial and Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ).  Environmental permits were also granted.  More than 200 pharmaceutical and research organisations have also applied to TSIIC for allocation of space.
The city of Hyderabad has a special place in the field of medicine.  The city has earned a reputation as a pharma capital as it already has one-third of the domestic pharmaceutical products from our state.  There are about 300 pharma companies manufacturing drugs in the city.  Many of these companies are US FDA accredited and export to the United States, Europe and other developed countries.  It was in this context that the state IT and Industries Minister KTR took the initiative to set up Mucherla Pharmacy with world-class technology to establish eco-friendly industries with the aim of further developing the pharma sector.  If the pharmacy becomes fully operational, it will have an investment of about Rs 64,000 crore and an annual export of Rs 58,000 crore.  Also, more than 5 lakh jobs will be created.  Our state is a medical hub on the.

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