Minister KTR Inspires a young lad to wear Handloom at UN Assembly

#WearHandloom resonates in UN Assembly

Akhilesh Reddy, a youngster from Hyderabad, upheld the esteem and pride of Telangana and its people by wearing Telangana Handloom clothes while participating in the United Nations Conference of Youth held in New York.

Speaking on the occasion, Akhilesh recalled how the importance given by Minister KTR towards reviving handlooms inspired him to dress up in Telangana’s traditional attire on a forum where suits and boots are the general decorum. He also thanked his parents Madhusudhan Reddy and Jyoti Reddy, who inspired and guided him through his journey.

Speaking to Mission Telangana, Akhilesh said ,the farmers and weavers of our society have contributed massively towards our wellbeing, it is now time to pay them back with all the generosity and kindness they deserve.

In an appeal, Akhilesh asked the youth to participate in the WearHandloom initiative. “We are governed by a Minister who is leaving no stone unturned in promoting handlooms and weavers . In fact, I am inspired by his decision to wear handlooms once every week, I request my peers across the world to do the same” said Akhilesh.

By: Rajesh Asopa

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