Kya Baigan kaa Paper Hain Yaar!

Dear Editor
Siasat Newspaper.

Just read a cheap piece of crap on your Baigan Paper named Siasat. Looks like you pay only Baigans to your reporters, and ending up getting only those Baigans, who can’t differentiate between a Baigan and an Apple!

Apple has set up its Maps Development Center in Hyderabad, Telangana on May 19th 2016. The selfie of CM K Chandrashekar Rao, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Telangana IT Minister KTR, that you posted on your Baigan newspaper was taken when that office was inaugurated.

Apple is now planning to open its phone assembly plant near Bengaluru. And your Baigan newspaper, which doesn’t seem to know the difference between a Baigan and an Apple, writes a crap piece blatantly lying that the Apple’s center, which was supposed to come up in Hyderabad, has gone to Bengaluru.

Next time you want to publish any story related to IT, hire a reporter who understands difference between hardware and software. And pay that reporter some real money. Not baigans.

Otherwise, they only end up writing such Baigan stories ….aur aapka newspaper jald hi Baigan mey mil jaaye gaa!

Best Regards,

KR Reddy



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