Minister KTR exposes Union minister Manshuk Mandavia.


In a strong reply to the union minister’s allegations, Mr K T Rama Rao said the Centre did nothing to Telangana in the health sector. He wanted the minister to know the facts before talking. The union minister Mandavia said Mr Modi sanctioned medical colleges across the country as the states sent the proposals. But there was no proposal from Telangana state, hence no medical college was sanctioned.


Reacting to his allegations, Mr Rama Rao said in 2015 and 2019 when Mr J P Nadda and Mr Harshvardhan were Union Health Ministers, the Telangana government submitted proposals but they were not taken into consideration. Mr Mandavia should know the facts before commenting. Mr Modi’s government gave permissions to 157 medical colleges, 16 IIITs, four NITs, 84 Navodaya schools, two ISERs, seven IITs and seven IIMs across the country but not a single educational institution was sanctioned to Telangana state. It is clear discrimination against Telangana state. But the BJP ministers and leaders are spreading misinformation and false propaganda, Mr Rama Rao said.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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