Maratha land is waiting for BRS leader KCR: Maharashtra former MLA Annasaheb Mane Patil

“We have abundant water resources but farmers are forced to depend on tankers. People yearn for drinking water. As there is no minimum support price, every day on average eight farmers are forced to commit suicides in Maharashtra,” former MLA of Gangapur constituency Annasaheb Mane Patil in a choked voice. Mr Patel who is on a tour to Telangana along with his followers travelled from Hyderabad to Kaleshwaram to see the project there. “En route, we found the villages lush green and people sporting broad smiles. The scene is reverse back in our Maharashtra,” he rued in an interview with the vernacular daily.

When the talk about BRS party began in Maharashtra state, people talked about Rythu Bandu, Rythu Bima, free power to farmers, Kalyana Laxmi through social media and not many believed. But when the BRS started its activity and leaders from the state joined the party, people in every village are talking about them now. People are vexed with the dirty politics and inefficient leadership in Maharashtra. They are looking for a leader like Mr KCR who is known for revolutionary decisions. “Not just Kaleshwaram project, a marvellous asset, but the welfare programmes come as a great succour to all sections of people,” Mr Annasaheb Mane Patel opined.

The Modi government that made lofty claims marketing the so-called “Gujarat Model” miserably failed. It was proved to be a hollow slogan in the past nine years. People lost hope in the BJP government. Mr Patil, who hails from Aurangabad district said having witnessed personally the transformation in Telangana villages, he favoured Mr KCR’s leadership in Maharashtra with the same model of development and welfare programmes.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao