Madhya Pradesh’s Vyapam Scam whistleblower Anand Rai joins BRS Party

Noted social activist from Madhya Pradesh, Anand Rai, who exposed the Vyapam Scam that created a sensation in Madhya Pradesh, joined the BRS party in the presence of BRS national President and Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao at Pragati Bhavan on Wednesday. KCR welcomed Rai into the party fold by offering the pink scarf. Anand Rai is a popular RTI and tribal rights activist. As a renowned social activist, Anand Rai has huge public support.

Also, Jai Adivasi Yuvashakti Sangathan (JAYS), a prominent group fighting for the rights of Tribals and Adivasis, has declared its support to the BRS party. Anand Rai is a key member of this organization. JAYS founder Vikram Achalia said that CM KCR is implementing welfare and development programs for the weaker sections with a humanitarian approach. He announced that JAYS will support KCR’s mission of bringing a qualitative change in the country.