LS Polls Ground Report: BRS picks up; BJP, Congress on downhill

The BRS Party in Telangana is evolving into a formidable contender ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. Amidst an initial lull, the party’s fortunes have taken a sharp upward trajectory.

At the forefront of this resurgence is the charismatic leadership of BRS President KCR, whose Bus Yatra has emerged as a pivotal factor in BRS Party’s gradual rise after the Assembly elections defeat. Drawing massive crowds, KCR’s ability to connect with the masses has proven to be a game-changer for the BRS Party.

Initial projections of the party securing merely 1-2 seats have been eclipsed, with observers now indicating that BRS is positioned to win 6-7 seats in the upcoming elections. Moreover, the party finds itself in a tight contest in another 3-4 constituencies, which may go either way.

In contrast, the BJP faces an uphill battle, with most sitting MPs at risk of losing their seats. Despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s factor and the Ram Mandir issue, BJP’s electoral prospects in Telangana appear limited, with projections suggesting that its tally may not surpass the existing 4 seats.

Meanwhile, the Congress party  is grappling with a crisis of confidence, as the initial euphoria following its victory in the Assembly elections has faded away. Widespread discontentment among the electorate, fueled by the party’s failure to fulfill key promises such as the disbursement of Rythu Bandhu and farm loan waivers, coupled with acute power and water shortages in several districts, have made the party’s prospects weak.