KTR reiterates firm stance on baseless allegations against him

BRS Working President KTR has reiterated his firm stance against those spreading baseless allegations against him. Once again, he cautioned that those deliberately spreading false propaganda and conspiracy will face legal consequences.

Responding to a news report that featured a minister and Congress leaders making defamatory statements against him, KTR said that Minister Konda Surekha, Congress MLA Yennam Srinivas Reddy, and Congress leader KK Mahender Reddy will be served legal notices for defamation and slander. The Congress leaders made wild accusations against KTR, the former minister, in a phone tapping case.

KTR remarked that these leaders should either apologize for shameful, baseless, and nonsensical allegations or face legal consequences. He added that news outlets which are dishing out this garbage without verifying the facts will also receive legal notices.

A few days back, KTR sent legal notices to various TV channels, YouTube, and social media organizations, alleging their involvement in a coordinated effort to promote baseless narratives solely targeting him and his family. The legal notices assert that certain media entities have been spreading misinformation and fabricated stories with malicious intent, purportedly as part of a larger conspiracy.

KTR, in his communication, emphasized that these actions are not only damaging to his reputation but also indicative of a concerted effort to undermine his political standing. He demanded the immediate removal of all content disseminating malicious propaganda unrelated to him and his family.

KTR emphasized that failure to comply within a week would result in further legal action. Fearing legal challenges, some channels have already deleted malicious content against KTR.