KTR promises a ‘Tripartite Welfare Board’ for Gig workers in Telangana

In a formal interaction with the Gig workers, BRS Working President KTR stated that the BRS Government would stand by them and hold talks with the companies to ensure health insurance, PF, and ESI were provided which would further create job security. There are more than three lakh Gig workers in Telangana at present. KTR stated that it was the Government’s responsibility to ensure that these youngsters, who cater to people’s basic needs, are taken care of.

The BRS Working President assured to set up a Tripartite Welfare Board for the gig workers after December 3rd. The board would include the companies, the Telangana Government, and the Gig workers. He also stated that the board would include a legal cell and if any company breaches the contract, the gig worker can approach the legal cell which will have a team of lawyers from the government side to legally take action.

KTR also assured that he would arrange a meeting with the companies and gig workers in January where they would discuss initiating a base salary for the workers apart from the payments that they receive per delivery.

Talking about the progress in IT and Industries and life sciences sectors in Hyderabad, KTR stated that there were 3.23 lakh IT jobs here when the state was formed in 2014 and the numbers have now grown close to 10 lakh. KTR stated that one IT job will create four indirect jobs in service sectors.

During the interaction, a few workers mentioned how a few companies removed incentives and did not increase fair prices. KTR responded positively to this and stated that these companies operate not only in Telangana but also in other states and countries. Hence a detailed discussion would be made with the companies to come up with a solution for these problems.

When a gig worker asked why couldn’t the Government launch an app that would help deliver food ordering, cab booking, and other online services, KTR said there was one such app operating in Kerala and he would study that and see if it could be emulated in Telangana. KTR said Hyderabad is like a mother who takes care of all who come from different cities and states. He also added that Telangana state’s economic engine was Hyderabad.