KTR condemns digital vandalism of govt websites, social media handles; writes to CS

BRS party Working President KT Rama Rao raised serious concerns regarding the digital vandalism of Telangana government websites and social media handles. In a detailed letter addressed to Santhi Kumari, the Chief Secretary of the Government of Telangana, KTR highlighted the alarming trend of disappearing digital content, which he believes to be a deliberate act of sabotage by certain elements within the state government.

KTR requested the immediate restoration of all removed content from the public domain and urged the Chief Secretary to acknowledge the issue and take swift action to address this digital vandalism. He emphasized the importance of preserving digital content created using public funds. This information, he asserts, is a crucial part of Telangana’s history and belongs to the people of Telangana, not to any individual or political party.

He stressed that future generations would not forgive the destruction of this public property based on the whims of a select few. KTR called on the Chief Secretary to fulfill her duty as the guardian of the state’s physical and digital assets, ensuring the protection and restoration of this valuable information.

Key concerns raised in KTR’s letter:

  • State History Page ( This page, containing a brief history of Telangana from the prehistoric period to the state formation, has been deleted. It is an essential resource for citizens, tourists, researchers, and investors globally.
    • Reports Page ( Hosted significant reports released by the Government of Telangana between 2014-2023. These reports are invaluable for students, researchers, and investors.
      • Telangana CM Website ( All content related to the tenure of erstwhile Chief Minister KCR, from June 2nd, 2014, to December 3rd, 2023, has been removed. This information should have been archived, not deleted.
        • Telangana CMO Social Media Handles (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram): Thousands of photos, videos, and texts related to KCR’s tenure have been removed. This digital content is crucial for historical archiving and should have been preserved.