KTR accuses Congress of drought in Telangana, disputes deficit rainfall claim

Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) Working President KTR expressed strong criticism against Chief Minister Revanth Reddy’s recent statement regarding the drought situation in Telangana.

In a party meeting held today in Karimnagar, KTR attributed the current drought conditions to the Congress administration and emphasized the need for urgency in handling the prevailing situation. KTR stated that despite normal rainfall, the state is facing a shortage of drinking water, highlighting a perceived failure of the government in managing essential water resources. He urged the government to prioritize the supply of drinking water and irrigation needs over attributing the situation to natural factors.

The Working President emphasized the importance of the Kaleshwaram project in lift irrigation, describing it as a crucial initiative aimed at preventing drought in the region. KTR addressed concerns about the project’s effectiveness, pointing out that corrective measures should be taken promptly if any issues arise.

Expressing his disappointment with Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, KTR accused him of lacking knowledge about key projects like Kaleshwaram, suggesting that he is merely reading a script written by someone else.

KTR expressed concerns about the Chief Minister’s alleged association with big players in the BJP. The TRS Working President concluded by stating that after the elections, Revanth Reddy may follow the paths of Ek Nath Shinde and Himanta Biswa Sharma by joining the BJP. On the upcoming elections, KTR said the party will start its campaign from Karimnagar,.He challenged Revanth Reddy to a contest in Malkajigiri to prove his strength.

KTR also raised questions about the effectiveness of government initiatives such as Rythu Bandhu, claiming that farmers feel cheated and expressing dissatisfaction with the loan waiver process. KTR highlighted concerns about Bandi sanjay, criticizing his lack of contribution to Karimnagar’s development.

He questioned Bandi Sanjay’s performance as an MP and urged voters to consider candidates who actively work for the welfare of the constituency.