KRMB issue: Harish Rao rips apart the blatant lies of the Congress in Assembly 

Senior legislator of the BRS Party, Harish Rao, has ripped apart the blatant lies spread by the Congress party in the Assembly today. In a discussion over the resolution against handing over the Krishna projects to the centre, the former Minister has effectively countered the propaganda of the ruling party.

With facts and figures, Harish Rao has exposed how the Congress party was getting ready to transfer the control of Krishna basin projects to the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB). Quoting the KRMB meeting minutes, Government Orders, and Engineer in Chief’s statements, Rao pointed out the white lies of the Revanth Reddy-led government. The senior MLA explained that the Congress party backtracked from handing over of the projects because the BRS Party was conducting a huge public meeting in Nalgonda on the issue. 

Despite constant provocations and consistent interruptions from the ministers and Congress MLAs, Harish Rao held his ground with his sharp rebuttals. Upon recognizing that the Congress party’s deceit was coming to light, the ministers, including the CM, resorted to personal attacks and derogatory remarks against former CM KCR and other BRS leaders.

Withstanding the onslaught, Harish Rao elucidated how the BRS Party safeguarded the rights of Telangana in the river water issue and how Congress was acting against the interests of Telangana in just two months after assuming power.