KCR’s impactful bus tour rattles Congress, BJP 

In the past four days, a series of developments in the state have sparked discussions among political analysts, who suggest a concerted effort to sideline BRS President KCR and BRS from the Lok Sabha election campaign. The Election Commission of India barring KCR from campaigning for 48 hours is perceived as a strategy to clear the campaign field for Congress and BJP. The sudden turn of events indicates a plot to divert attention from KCR’s impactful bus tour, which has seemingly rattled the expectations of other parties.

The narrative further delves into specific instances, such as Revanth Reddy’s sympathetic comments, PM Narendra Modi’s accusations of RR tax collection by the state government, and the controversy surrounding morphed videos. These incidents are portrayed as attempts to showcase that the fight is between the Congress and the BJP.

Despite these efforts, political observers note that KCR’s consistent emphasis on public issues during his bus yatra has kept him relevant. His focus on farmer distress, government’s inefficiencies, and central government neglect resonates with the electorate.

However, there are concerns about the Election Commission’s perceived inaction against hate speech and communal rhetoric, particularly from prominent leaders of the BJP and the Congress. The disparity in treatment between different political figures, exemplified by contrasting responses to remarks made by Modi and Revanth Reddy, is seen as evidence of bias.

Furthermore, the alleged partisan action against KCR, such as complaints lodged against him during his visits, is viewed as a concerted effort by Congress and BJP to undermine his influence. Despite KCR’s assertion that his engagements are focused on addressing public grievances rather than electioneering, his presence in key constituencies poses a challenge to other parties.