KCR Promises to Develop Erravelli on Par with Hyderabad

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has announced the development of Erravelli village on par with Hyderabad, here on Sunday.

Chief Minister visited Erravelli and Narsannapet villages and distributed 1,100 spectacles for those who underwent eye tests recently. Speaking at a meeting in Erravelli village he said, Erravelli should be a model to be emulated in the state in terms of development and unity.

He asked the people to break the schisms of caste and religion and develop a sense of brotherhood. He promised the transformation of Erravelli village on par with Hyderabad and added that double bed room house construction will be completed by the Ugadi festival. Consolidation of agricultural holdings should be done by the farmers in the village. He said agricultural scientists will come to village and suggest which crop is suitable for cultivation ther after testing the soil.

KCR said that the scientists will not only provide suggestions but will also supply seeds from a company and that company will later purchase the produce. He assured of developing Narsannapet on par wiht Erravelli as well.

He then straight away reached his relative Laxmikantha Rao’s house at Gajwel-Pragnapur. Deputy speaker M Padma, District Collector Ronald Ross and others were present.

Source: The New Indian express

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