KCR is like my father: Karnataka former CM Kumara Swamy

Dismissing the rumours that he had differences with Telangana chief minister KCR, the Karnataka former chief minister HD Kumara Swamy said KCR was like his father. He said he would be working with the spirit as the BRS did in Telangana. His party, if comes to power, would implement the welfare schemes of KCR.

Kumara Swamy said his father HD Deve Gowda and KCR are his inspiration and guides in his political life.
The Kaleshwaram project built by KCR is benefitting farmers in 24 districts. Mission Bhagiratha is supplying clean drinking water to every household. He said he was influenced by the commitment and vision of KCR in the successful implementation of irrigation schemes

He said that under the BJP rule the development in Karnataka took a backseat. If came to power, he would implement all the development and welfare schemes as KCR did in Telangana.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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