‘KCR Bima – Prathi Intiki Dheema’ – a big hit among the voters

Chief Minister Mr K Chandrashekhar Rao has released his BRS party manifesto where in he promised to provide insurance coverage to all the white ration holders. There are 93 lakh families which will be benefitting from the scheme. Having seen the Rythu Bima, insurance to weavers and fishermen, people are elated by the decision of Mr KCR. Many people in rural areas opine that if KCR says, he will do it.

According to officials, about 70 per cent of people in urban areas have insurance coverage while in rural areas only 20 per cent of people have it. About 47 per cent of insurance holders did not renew their policies last year. Having seen the problems of people, Mr KCR had come up with the idea of providing insurance to every poor family. The state government would pay the premium to all the beneficiaries. In the event of death including the natural death of the family head, the family would get Rs. 5 lakh benefit within 10 days.

Under the Rythu Bima, 41 lakh farmers are covered with insurance, under Nethannaku bheema, 36,000 weavers are covered and under the insurance scheme for fishermen, a total of 3.73 lakh fishermen are covered. The State government is spending Rs. 20 crore per annum premium for farmers, Rs. 1.50 crore to fishermen and Rs. 5,246 per head for 36,000 weavers. This scheme not only helped the poor but also rejuvenated the LIC as the state government paid Rs. 6,861 crore last year towards the premium.

Many in rural areas are in an upbeat mood with the ‘KCR Bima – Prathi Intiki Dheema’. Many families will be benefitted as the insurance amount them pay their dues and prevented them from selling away their land. Thus it helped stabilise the families. The scheme has become a topic of discussion in every village now.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao