Karimnagar Cop saves the lives of two workers

Setting a new image to the police department in Telangana, Jammikunta circle inspector K Srujan Reddy saved lives of two daily wage workers, in a dramatic way.

On May 28, two daily wagers Mallaiah and Ravinder got into an isolated well to desilt it and moments later they felt suffocated and started crying for help. Officials from the police department and fire services personals reached the spot within no time. The officials left no stone unturned to save the lives of the two workers.

After multiple failed attempts, the Jammikunta circle inspector K Srujan Reddy lowered himself into the well in utter disregard to his personal safety, even as hundreds of villagers watched tensely.

With the help of ropes, Inspector Srujan tried to pull the workers up. Several moments later, the police officer amidst huge applauds managed to bring the workers up. The police officer has received strong praise from his superiors as well as the public in Madipalli village of Karimnagar district.

The two workers who were unable to breathe properly were immediately given first aid and rushed to the government hospital. Circle Inspector Srujan Reddy too was given first aid by the hospital staff at the site.

The senior officials appreciated the effort of the young police officer in saving the lives of two workers and stated that it would go a long way in improving police image among people.

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