Kadiam Srihari receives a rousing welcome in Detroit

Former Minister and TRS politburo member Kadiam Srihari received a rousing welcome by Detroit Telanganites at the reception hosted by Detroit Telangana Community (DTC) on Sunday, July 21, 2013. Kadiam Srihari, who is on his first US tour after joining the TRS, was invited to Detroit by DTC and a large meeting was organized to honor his decision to join the Telangana movement.

Speaking on the occasion, Kadiam Srihari detailed out some important events of his political life, the recent happenings and the reasons for his decision to quit TDP and join TRS party. He explained that he went through tremendous emotional turmoil as he was unable to take part in the Telangana movement by being a member of TDP. He faced a tough choice between his loyalties to the party that gave him a political life and the land that gave him the life, and he choose the latter as he doesn’t want to retire from political life with a label of traitor of the land and decided to do his part for the liberation of Telangana. He explained some of the difficult situations that he had to undergo earlier, one being his inability to attend the funeral of Prof. Jayashankar sir, whom he respected a lot and was a guide, mentor and advisor to him on many occasions

He analyzed in detail the various dynamics that are currently prevailing around the issue of Telangana. He felt that the state formation is not very far and is at a critical culmination point. He hoped that the Telangana state would be formed before 2014 elections, in the unfortunate event of not happening, the 2014 election results will definitely compel the formation of the state. He was very appreciative of the activities carried out by DTC, as these activities give an immense morale boost to the people back home who are involved in the movement. After his speech there was a n hour long interactive question and answer session where the audience had questions and suggestions for Srihari garu.
Earlier in the evening, Hari Maroju has kicked off the meeting with a welcome address. He explained the importance of such gatherings, which help in reasserting the Telangana identity in US. Later DTC chairman Bharath Madadi spoke about the various activities carried by DTC in Detroit. Nagendar Ayitha, President of DTC has called up on the audience to strengthen DTC, so that the organization can carry out more and better programs in future.

The DTC board members felicitated Kadiam Srihari garu with a memento and bouquet in honor of his historic decision and contributions for the cause of Telangana. The DTC board members Venkat Manthena, Ramgopal Uppula, Bhujanga Rao, Shailendra Sanam, Hari Parankusham, Kashi Kotha, Raju Brahmandabheri, Thiru Venganti, Sunil Marri, Venkat Devara, Sreedhar Bandaru and Murali Bommanaveni put in valuable efforts in making this meeting a huge success.

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