Jai Telangana at Hyderabad 10K

Several participants of the Hyderabad 10K run had a pleasant surprise, when they spotted a large number of Telangana youngsters from Osmania JAC, and Telangana Netizens Forum participating in the run.

The youngsters were dressed in T-Shirts with Telangana slogans and carrying banners and placards in support of the statehood movement. What’s more, these energetic youngsters kept raising “Jai Telangana” slogans throughout the entire stretch of the run.

Several participants of the 10K run also raised “Jai Telangana” slogans in support of these youngsters. Many non-Telugu participants were seen inquiring about the statehood movement.

Post Script: Mission Telangana severely condemns the arrest of Krishank Manne (OUJAC), Kavitha Katta and Srinivas Bhandari at the Hyderabad 10K Run. Except for raising Jai Telangana slogans, these three youngsters did not resort to any other crime. Such severe repression on the Telangana movement will only strengthen the resolve of the people.

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