10K run for 10 Telangana districts

About 400 pro-Telangana students and sports lovers, wearing Tshirts and holding placards and banners, participated in a 10K Run here on Sunday.

Though they did did not resort to any protest or shout slogans, the participants, affiliated to two little known organisations, carried banners, one of which read: “Every kilometre I run represents one district of my motherland.”

The Telangana students claimed that they had took permission from the organisers of the 10K Run to participate in the event. But police whisked away nearly 10 student leaders from the venue of the event, People’s Plaza, on the Necklace Road while the other group went ahead with the run.

Raising Jai Telangana slogans, they took part in the event and joined hundreds of other participants. They did not try to disrupt the event.

The student leaders, however, protested their arrest. “How can the police prevent us from participating in the run in a democratic manner?” they asked.

[New Indian Express]

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