Jagan resigns and proves his anti-Telangana nature

YSR Congress President and Kadapa MP Y S Jaganmohan Reddy has proved that he is a rabid Telangana hater once again. He, and his mother YS Vijaya have resigned to their respective posts today protesting declaration of Telangana.

Jagan’s resignation has only vindicated what Telangana activists have long been saying – that none of the parties headed by Seemandhra leaders would ever support Telangana statehood.

His resignation also proved that YSRCP is not interested in continuing in Telangana region. The party would now be limited to Seemandhra region only.

YS Jagan participated in the anti-Telangana protests in 2010 directly. He held United AP placards in the Lok Sabha too. But, later YSRCP starting fooling the Telangana people by using ambiguous language such as ‘we respect the sentiment of Telangana people’.

YSRCP has revealed its true colors as soon as Congress party initiated the Telangana statehood process. 16 MLAs of YSRCP belonging to Seemandhra region had resigned in protest against Congress party’s decision to go ahead with state creation.

The people of Telangana have immediately reacted to this backstabbing by showing their ire on the party’s Telangana leadership. Within one day, all the Telangana leaders in YSRCP have resigned to the party.


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