Is JP Just Another Political Chameleon?

Photo: Lok Satta Nizamabad party unit deeksha supporting Sakala Janula Samme and Anna Hazare

Nagabhairava Jayaprakash Narayan often lectures about ‘primordial loyalties’, and tries to convince us by repeating the phrase “Telangana formation is neither panacea nor a disaster” ad nauseum.

JP keeps criticizing the TDP and Congress for participating in both the Telangana and anti-telangana agitations.

But JP’s ambiguous statements and his clear lean towards a united state have resulted in Lok Satta Party becoming a non-entity in Telangana region. Several senior leaders from Telangana region have either resigned from the party or are keeping aloof from party activities.

In fact some senior party members have even started a Telangana Lok Satta Party.

All this seems to have made JP rethink about his Telangana strategy. So, keeping in tune with Chandra Babu’s two-eyed theory and YS Jagan’s two-cheek theory, JP has turned into a chameleon and started showing his true colors.

So, like any other selfish political party, Lok Satta party would now extend support to Telangana movement in Telangana region and anti-telangana movement in the Seemandhra region.

The change in stand is clearly visible in the past few months.

First, we had senior Lok Satta leader Kongara Gangadhara Rao writing an article in Andhra Jyothy newspaper supporting the Telangana statehood movement.

Photo: Lok Satta Nizamabad party unit deeksha supporting Sakala Janula Samme and Anna Hazare

And now, we have the Lok Satta Nizamabad district committee conducting deeksha to support Sakala Janula Samme (General Strike for Telangana) and Anna Hazare.

We would like to know if Lok Satta party’s state unit supports the Sakala Janula Samme or only the Telangana district units support it.

If the state unit supports the Telangana Strike, we welcome it. If not, then it will be deemed that LSP adopts the same double-standards as other political parties and JP is just another political chameleon.

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