Wikileaks Unmasks Another Seemandhra Conspiracy

Wikileaks, the web whistle blower has revealed a new US state department cable that clearly exposed another conspiracy by Seemandhra leadership. This time, it was the then Deputy Speaker of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Nadendla Manohar , who tried to defame the Telangana movement in front of a foreign government representative.

The Wikileaks release clearly shows how the Deputy Speaker has lied to the US Consulate General about the Telangana movement. The cable also proves that Nadendla Manohar is a rabid casteist.

Read his statements below:

“Deputy Speaker of the AP Legislative Assembly N. Manohar told CongenOff that the police are convinced that, like in 1969, the current unrest over Telangana statehood will result in a successful recruiting campaign by Naxalite forces in the region.  He noted that many former Naxalite leaders emerged from the earlier agitations and they garnered significant sympathy throughout Telangana due to their support of statehood.  Manohar, who represents the Tenali constituency in Coastal Andhra’s Guntur district, also remarked that many of the “radical members” of the TS-JAC are 30-plus year old students from the Madiga community, who are well past future career concerns and will continue to agitate whether or not the current academic year is lost.”


Being the Deputy Speaker of the house, Mr. Manohar should have refrained from making such derogatory remarks against a movement and particularly against the Madiga Caste.

It is common sense that peoples representatives should be extremely cautious when speaking to foreign government representatives.  But, we feel sad that Nadendla Manohar thought it was okay to belittle his Telugu brothers in front of US government officials.

This episode clearly proves that Mr. Manohar is unfit for the post of Speaker, which demands highest levels of integrity and impartiality.

He is a disgrace to the Speaker post. We demand that Nadendla Manohar should apologize to the people of Telangana and resign from his post immediately.

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